Senior Associate

LL.B. (The Dagon University, 2012), D.B.L (The Yangon University, 2015),

LL.M. (The Dagon University, 2016)

Theint Theint Oo is one of the corporate focus team members. She has four years of legal experiences. She joined the SSMT Consultancy Company Limited as an Associate in July 2015.

She is active and ambitious. She has more or less a good experience in Corporate Secretarial Work. She also has a good knowledge of reviewing, advising and preparing on Labour and Employment Contracts. She is also responsible for negotiation and coordination with Employment Labour Officers. Moreover, she has to process the foreign Work Permits, Stay Permits and multi-entry visa for foreign employees in liaise with the departments concerned. She has to also prepare the applications for MIC Permit for the various industries and businesses. Furthermore, on behalf of the respective companies, she has to carry out all the formalities to get FDA certificate. Besides, she is responsible to apply for approvals/ licenses for business and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for our clients. She also has to assist her superiors on drafting and reviewing the Agreements such as Non-Disclosure Agreement, Escrow Agreement and Share Holder Agreement for the clients. She is currently working in the field of Corporate Matters. She has also been a Higher Grade Pleader since 2018. No doubt, she is good asset to us. Her motto is “There is nothing so laborious as not to labour.”